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Random Entry with Little to No Purpose

I keep having these dreams where I am writing an entry, but today is the first time I've sat done to do so. It feels funny (although that just might be my right contact), but good at the same time.

It's early.

OK. So. Summer - good or bad?

The Good: I finally got past Pennslyvania!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, PARTY! I got to see Ohio (Cleveland is..not what I expected although that's mainly because who thinks about Cleveland???) and once there I got to see the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, except they were SO lax on the Beatles, Tracy and I had mini-fits (well at least I did). Lake Erie isn't all that Great -it's way dirty and looks like an updated version of Malaga Lake minus the trees. The feeling I got in my feet crossing the border into Ohio was awesome....Anyway, we traveled further west with stops in Indiana (which was DIRTY to the extreme, but that just may have been the area) and guess where we stopped in Indiana....GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, we sang the song. That too was a disappointment because it was nothing but industry. Which isn't pleasant to look upon too long. Then we journeyed to Wisconsin and we went horseback riding, even I did and I was scared but I liked it a lot. I pretended that I knew what I was doing...My horse was good, even though it began to rain majorly. And we ate the Cheese Factory and had a French waitor who Trevor (the lobsterback that he is) called a Frog...but the Frenchman was cute and I wanted to take him back to New Jersey so that other waitors could learn from him.

And then there was Chicago. Now granted I had no desire to go other than it was Chicago (like going to Disneyland just so you could say you went), it turned out to be an amazing city, except in the cute boy department (there was one) but that is superflous, innit? We took a tour (I rode past Oprah's condo! and the hotel where her guests stay! and saw the Sears Tower! and asked the guide, Brittany [drama major] where she went to school [forgot it now]! and saw the brick DePaul building! and rode past Lollapollza! and went in a Planaterium and a museum!). I saw Dali, Van Gogh, American Gothic, Renoir, that Sunday in the Park with George painting, the Moulin Rouge painting by Toulouse, French Impressionism in the museum - we breezed through that baby in an hour or less because we needed to leave but couldn't pass up the free admission (course we didnt get into Toledo until 2 am but it was so worth it). But the best part about Chicago was standing in Lake Michigan (which is worthy of "Great Lake" fame. It was beautiful - Chicago has FREE beaches - could you imagine Philly having beaches and stuff into the Deleware or the Scukyll? {They don't do they???} We even went in the building where the Looking Glass Theatre is...ah, Chicago.

And on the way home, we got lost in Toledo and went to Michigan (I walked on Michigan land searching in vain for a post office). And then home...

I also have been reconnecting with lost friends this summer - granted, it's been slow and scary, but so far I feel wonderful about it. I've talked to Jenn for the first time in years and we are trying to do something next week b/c this week didn't work out. And I've talked to Steph, whom I desperately need to call b/c I never did on her birthday. And I managed to strike a friendship with Staci, who although is two years younger than I, gets the whole Flyers thing and I hope it lasts.

The Bad: ....I've decided to leave this part empty b/c I am slightly optimistic today (for the first time in a long time).

I work tonight...mmm, money.

So, ever onward.

Oohhh. I remember a bad thing: NO HOCKEY...

Just kidding.
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you updated! yay! your trip sounded so fun. i never heard anything about it when i worked with you, you are so closedmouthed about these things!! i'll see you tonight. i have soy dogs and buffy for you. no cds yet. im working on it though. love you!!!!!
omg you went horse back riding and then ate in the cheese factory? I did that same thing in that order in the pocanos!!! lol