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It's Easter time again!

Happy Easter everyone!!!! I hope it is a good one! I know mine wasn't the greatest. Except for Mass last night. Which was beautiful as always. There was this little girl sitting in front of us, who was going to be baptized, and she fell asleep doing the LOUD "Gloria"!! It was so cute. So many babies to gawk at...I want one....not until I can handle one of course. But I still want one.
This past week was crazy. But I finally saw Steph S. for the first time in months!!!!!!!!!! I showed her Gael. She agrees he's beautiful! Yay. And Claire came over and we watched MOVIES. Actually that's basically all I've been doing this weekend. It's nice since Monday we'll all be back to school and some staying there forever, which is okay. I think I am going to change my address to GCIT.....

Ever onward.

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ooo MOVIES!!! I watched evita 60,000 times (thanx to michelley) and then i went out and bought it. Plus the movie soundtrack. Which I will burn u if u want because i kno u do not have that one!!

so which movies did u watch??