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It's Back

Guess what? Tracy's grandma cooks eggs out on the porch!! She just stuck one in a pan and left it outside!! It cooked! That's how hot and humid it is outside. It's an oven!! I hate heat. Unless it's the kind you have in the dead of a cold winter, then it's nice because outside it's CHILLY.
Anyway, I journeyed back to GCIT on Monday for the first time in weeks. It was almost like a homecoming! It smelled exactly the same and almost looked the same and...oh, I miss it. I thought at the end of the school year I wouldn't want to come back for a long, long time, but... I dunno GCIT is powerful magic or something. Laramie looks beautiful, so come see it - It runs until Saturday, all at 7. Last night was crazy because of technological problems, but the acting was great. It's actaully a really good show; I must say, I was surprised about that!!
I also talked to Claire today about R.A.B. in Harry Potter and she already knew! *pouts* But that's ok!! :)

Ever onward!
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