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Just When I thought...

Just when I thought things were going to be okay, a house drops in from Kansas. Which would be okay if it were in good condition, but since it fell, it's not. Things are so insane and maddening and I feel totally lost. Ugh parents. Why can't people just be who you want them to be sometimes instead of who they are? I know it doesn't make sense and/or is just plain selfish but it's true. Like, say I had a cat that acted like a human - why couldn't just act like a real cat? Actaully come to think of it, my cat does act human. Argh. Surronded!

Anyway I leave for vacation in like 3 days, which is cool I guess. It means I get to spend time with Tracy!!! Her birthday's today..Woot Woot. Apparently, she's got a very very pretty cake...

And just when I thought my LOTR obsession was gone for good, it came back with a vengence and a half. I am re-reading the books, making a huge collage on the flat I brought home from school, and I watched Two Towers twice yesterday. The last thing seems v. v. obsessive but it was on TV and I had nothing better to do. It's so great.

Ever onward anyway
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YAY for LotR obsessions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay for obsessions!!!!!!!! ((except the creepy stalker kind))